We are living in Ubud.

For years we imagined living in Ubud but really it was a distant dream, sometimes dreams do come true and we were here. We knew that the process ahead us, finding and leasing land and building a house would take time, so we settled into Nando House, a Balinese homestay close to the center of town. Nando House suited us perfectly, it was within easy walking distance to the area where we wanted land and the family were very welcoming. This would be our home for the next two years.

Our large room became our bedroom, sitting room and of course, painting studio. We had a small bathroom and even smaller kitchen.

And so, with the help of Pak Gusti the journey of finding land began. A group of friends from Perth came to visit and we showed them around through the muddy rice fields.

After many months we found the perfect piece of land and met with the family who owned it, I also started my first drawings of how I imagined of house.

Our move from Perth to Ubud.

Tim and I first came to Ubud almost twenty years ago and it was love at first sight. We came for two weeks every year and imagined that one day we would live there. We loved where we lived in the Perth Hills in the small village of Mundaring. Our house was a centaury old cottage with a large garden, all very run down but magical. Over the eighteen years we lived there we transformed the house and garden into something very special, established an amazing garden and built a large studio. But the cold winters and hot summers took a toll and the day finally came when we looked at each other and said, “ lets move to Ubud “

And so the epic job of selling the house, packing up all of the things we wanted to keep and bring to the new world and the hardest thing of all, saying goodbye to our beautiful dog Cherry Blossom, we were on the journey.

more to follow.

How I create a painting. Magpie Song. oil stick, oil paint and paper collage on canvas.

I started this painting drawing Magpies in my sketch book. Then the shapes of Magpies onto paper which I cut out and placed onto my canvas until I was happy with the composition. Then drawing these shapes onto my canvas and working with charcoal, oil stick and oil paint and paper collage to achieve the finished painting. The paper I used for the collage is from 1950’s school text books.

Magpie Song, I am very happy with the result.

My Life as an Artist

My Life as an Artist

Quote, “ you are an artist, you are so lucky your life must be so relaxing.”

This is a common statement made by non artists.

Yes I am lucky to be an artist, I do what I love. I create, I make and I challenge myself to do better.

But relaxing, this is the story of three months of work for a one day exhibition.

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Fingers Crossed

This week I delivered my piece to the Wanneroo Art Awards, fingers crossed.

This year I am entering the sculpture category. Girt By Sea is soda fired Raku clay. The title, meaning surrounded by sea is a line from the Australian national anthem.

Christine Hingston. Girt By Sea..JPG
Girt By Sea..JPG

My painting provides home inspiration

Lovely to learn in this article in the Weekend West New Homes Magazine that my painting has such a prominent place in this new home! Excerpt from the article: “A striking painting of African women and children, in shades of blue and brown, inspired the colour scheme for this light-filled home with panoramic views across the Canning River and Perth city skyline…….The painting, by WA artist Christine Hingston, takes pride of place in the home’s foyer, opposite another Hingston work depicting a bustling African marketplace.”


Preparing for Art Upmarket Perth

For the last three months, I have been working on paintings and ceramic pieces for the Art Upmarket, to be held on the 6th of April at Winthrop Hall at the University of Western Australian in Perth.

Looking forward to a fabulous event, hope to see you there!

In the studio

Working on a commissioned painting in my Bali studio. I am enjoying the rhythm of creating the downwards strokes, and playing with tonal values. It’s a meditative process that can absorb me for hour on hour.